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What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw

After a series of missteps in the face of his newly found fame, actor Charlie Outlaw flees to a remote island in search of anonymity and a chance to reevaluate his recent break-up with his girlfriend, actress Josie Lamar. But soon after his arrival on the peaceful island, his solitary hike into the jungle takes him into danger he never anticipated.As Charlie struggles with gaining fame, Josie struggles with its loss. The star of a cult TV show in her early twenties, Josie has spent the twenty years since searching for a role to equal that one, and feeling less and less like her character, the heroic Bronwyn Kyle. As she gets ready for a reunion of the cast at a huge fan convention, she thinks all she needs to do is find a part and replace Charlie. But she can't forget him, and to get him back she'll need to be a hero in real life....

Title : What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw
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ISBN : 9780735214347
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What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw Reviews

  • Leith Devine

    I enjoyed this book, it was a great one day read. Charlie Outlaw is a famous actor whose girlfriend Josie broke up with him after he publicly said some very stupid and embarrassing things. He decides the best thing for him to do is retreat to Costa Rica without telling anyone where he's going and lay low for a while. Meanwhile, in Costa Rica, a group of locals protesting a development decides that the best way to gain attention to their cause is to kidnap some tourists, collect the ransom and ge ...more

  • MsAprilVincent

    3 stars, leaning towards 4

    My main gripe is with the writing style, which is omniscient present tense, like the narration on Jane the Virgin, giving peeks into the future while focusing on the immediate present. It’s weird, and sometimes off-putting, and maybe a little tell-not-show.

    The good stuff, however, is about actors and acting, and the strange in-between of being yourself but not being yourself, and observing yourself doing that, and then analyzing your observations. Stewart does a good j

  • Catherine McKenzie

    I love everything that Leah Stewart writes and this was no exception. I loved the inside into the actor's world--so fun! A great read.

  • Karen Parisot

    A disastrous magazine interview causes rising star and Hollywood hunk Charlie Outlaw to lose the love of his life and social media to turn on him. Ouch! So, Charlie decides to get away from it all by running away to a remote tropical island. It turns out it isn’t quite the escape he had planned.

    Delves deep into the psyche of the actor, exploring the process by which they approach their craft, their insecurities and the stress of fame. It also looks at what it is to be a victim and how traumatizi

  • Alana

    This zingy love story manages to make kidnapping and heartbreak seem fun. Charlie Outlaw is a famous actor who retreats to an unnamed island for some peace and solitude after his breakup with his girlfriend, actress Josie Lamar. His tranquil vacation is interrupted by unforeseen danger and his new circumstances give him plenty of time to reevaluate his breakup. Josie, on the other hand, is trying to fill her time and loneliness by auditioning and riding on the coattails of her previous fame. She ...more

  • Rilla

    I loved this book. Super engaging, fast paced, page turner. The characters and situations felt really real, and the references were perfect.

    Josie, the main character, is an actress whose breakout role was in a cult TV show that is very reminiscent of Buffy. Now she’s 41, and struggling to find work, while her younger actor boyfriend, Charlie Outlaw, is getting more famous. The story is about what its like to be a working actor in Hollywood for the long haul - the hopes, the disappointments, the

  • Bandit

    Our culture is ever so celebrity obsessed. There are those who, deservingly and often not at all so, have become permanent fixtures in our consciousness and these individuals and the disproportionate, merit free amounts of fame bestowed upon them tell a lot about us as a society. I’m not just talking about Kardashians, although they are the most obvious example. It’s a sensationalist ephemeral undeserved sort of fame, but it’s fame nonetheless and thus cloaks its recipients in a sort of magic co ...more

  • Bryant

    I enjoyed this book so much! I especially loved the moments that explored what it means to be an artist in the world, how giving one's self over to pursuing art requires a particular and constant vulnerability. Twice I got mad at myself for leaving the book at home rather than taking it with me so I could sneak a few extra pages during the day. I read it quickly regardless, because I had to know what happened next.